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Advertiser Overview

WordSnap by Pixel Media is a contextually relevant in-text advertising format that combines the power of search advertising with the brand effectiveness of display banner ads. With superior proprietary developed contextual ad platform, our technology scans each content page that is being read by a user to determine the relevant ads to display to users from our database of hundreds of ads.

Upon user interaction of a particular highlighted keyword, an ad is displayed to users in text, gif, flash and video.

Benefits : “ Targeted, relevant, un-intrusive and impactful ”

  • Best of Search and Display – combines relevant keywords with the brand power of Display Banner ads.

  • User Initiated Ads ensuring ads are targeted, relevant, un-intrusive and impactful

  • Relevant and Qualified Audience "Ads displayed to users based on relevant content they read

  • Exclusive Web Site Partners- you can only reach them with us

  • Premium and Trusted Brands – we hand pick our websites and inventory that are brand safe

  • Variety of IAB Ad Formats including Gif, Text, Flash and Video coming soon

  • 24/7 Reporting with full transparency offered to advertisers on campaign performance

To find out more about WordSnap by Pixel Media, please contact us

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